3 perfect cocktails to welcome the summer season

Organize meetings with your friends at home, on your terrace, prepare a dinner to enjoy summer nights or enjoy any celebration with a special toast … It’s time to take advantage of the change of season and make the most of all these plans that we like so much!

When thinking about tonic and a spirit drink, automatically the gin and tonic becomes the protagonist of our ideas. Due to its high demand since, in one way or another, it has become the fashion drink par excellence, the elaboration of it has evolved a lot in recent times and more and more consumers prefer to enjoy a premium gin and tonic, with a careful creation process down to the smallest detail. The choice of the tonic plays a fundamental role in the final taste and, therefore, choosing a premium tonic will always be the best option. And what if we can also enjoy a unique tonic with flavours and striking colours that make our cup an explosion capable of igniting all our senses? From The Original Tonic we offer the widest variety of flavours and colours on the market and, in addition to offering the premium tonic with less sugars on the market, now we also have our zero range! Absolutely amazing!

Anyway, here we are today, telling you that beyond the gin and tonic, we can enjoy delicious cocktails that will make us surprise our guests and, above all, that will make us celebrate any moment or summer night in the most delicious and original way. The world of cocktails, which is an art in itself, offers us a series of possibilities to play with drinks and ingredients that will not leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, we give you here some proposals that you will fall in love with.


The cocktails 

The first one is the Açai Fizz cocktail. To create it, we will elaborate a combination of gin, lime juice, syrup of roses and egg white, in this order, culminating it with Original Tonic Açai & Ginger on top. Our premium Açai & Ginger tonic, with a beautiful violet colour, is intriguing and has an intense aroma. The combination of the exotic Açai fruit and the freshness of the ginger blend with the sweetness of the wild blueberries, gives it an enveloping aroma and a subtle final taste. As garnish for this cocktail we will use rose petals and an elaborate red fruit skewer. The final result is incredible!

So, can we only combine our products with gin? Of course not! Therefore, we bring you two more proposals to enjoy a perfect cocktail.

The Blue Paradise cocktail is served with rum, almond syrup, lime juice, pineapple juice and Original Tonic Citrus on top. Our premium Citrus tonic, also available in zero version, is blue and has the acidic essences of lemon lime and Italian bergamot that gain ground to the bitterness, integrated with grapefruit and bitter orange. The citrus character persists in an unforgettable tonic. To finish this cocktail and make your presentation perfect, we will add dehydrated pineapple and cinnamon powder, awesome!

Our third and final proposal is the Original People cocktail. A succulent mix of vodka, triple sec, cinnamon syrup, watermelon, lime juice and Original Tonic Classic on top. Our classic tonic, also available in zero version, is made with extracts of quinine and natural sugar, being the perfect complement for any cocktail. The citrus notes of orange and lemon give it a slight spicy stroke that makes it unique. As garnish for this cocktail we can add watermelon and peppermint, an authentic and delicious madness!




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