5 cocktail tips you should know

Surely there are more than 5 tips in the world of cocktails that will help us achieve, when making a cocktail, its perfection or, at least, the best version of itself. However, today we come to talk about those that, of all of them, are the most important and those that no one who wants to make a recipe in conditions should miss.


With the arrival of autumn, plans at home are increasingly appealing and, therefore, we know how important it is to find a way to enjoy them 100%. Who doesn’t like dinners with friends or long after-lunches? Although we know that the situation is delicate, it is also true that complying with all the health recommendations or making plans in very small groups, all these plans are still possible. For this reason, just a few weeks ago, we were talking precisely about the basic cocktail utensils that everyone should have, especially for those who like to experience cocktails from their own kitchen. Now, once we have that, we will also have to know the keys so that the elaboration is perfect, right?


And the 5 most important cocktail tips are …


Undoubtedly, one of the main characteristics of Original Tonic is not only the quality of our premium tonics or the persistence of their bubbles, but the wide variety of flavors and colors that we have. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to prepare very different recipes each time and achieve, in addition to unique and very special flavors, adapt to the demands of each palate.


You already know that from our blog we care about offering you recipes and ideas so that you, yourself, can experience and enjoy a world as exciting and infinite as that of cocktails. If we recently talked about an exquisite recipe with vodka and Original Berries, today we are going to talk about 5 cocktail tips that we can apply to any type of cocktail and that we must take into account when preparing any recipe.



Take note!


Whether you are an expert in cocktails or not, the keys that we detail below should be essential for anyone when preparing a good cocktail. Do you want to know what they are? Take note!


  1. Use quality spirits and ingredients. Undoubtedly, as in any recipe, whether it is gastronomic or shaker, betting on quality ingredients should always be the main concern.

To do this, if we are going to use spirits or distillates, we must ensure that they meet quality conditions that ensure a result of 10. The same will happen with mixers: we cannot choose any, since the result will never be the same if we bet for a premium tonic, for example, than for one that is not.

If we are also going to use other ingredients: fruits, aromatic herbs, etc. It is important that they are fresh products that ensure a good result.


  1. Ice is not a complement, it is another ingredient! This is something very important that we must not overlook. The quality of the ice and even its size, are essential for our cocktail to come out exactly as we wish.



  1. Use jigger and imperial spoon as essential. These are two of the basic utensils that cannot be missing from our recipes, whatever they are. The jigger, above all, will allow us to include the exact amount of each liquid and thus allow us the desired flavor. The imperial spoon, due to its shape and condition, is the one that will allow us to remove and integrate the ingredients with precision and, even, it will help us to include them. In the case of the tonic, for example, it allows us to slide it without breaking its bubble.

4.      Adapt the cocktail to the time and context. Another point to take into account is: where, when and why. If we want to achieve a successful cocktail, it is important that we know how to adapt it to the environment. Both in its ingredients and colors, as in its theme. It will not be the same to prepare a cocktail in the middle of summer than in the middle of Christmas: neither its colors, nor its flavors, will be the same at any of these moments. It must always be taken into account!


5.      Seek a five senses experience. Last but not least, we must take into account that our creation meets expectations and that we manage to ignite all the senses. The colors, the flavors, the texture, the aromas … All these points play a fundamental role so that our cocktail conquers from beginning to end, we must find the balance of all of them and the result will be incredible!


Do you dare to apply these tips and tell us the result? We will love to see it!




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