açai & ginger

açai & ginger




< intriguing and intense >

Intriguing and of intense aroma. The combination of the exotic Açai and the freshness of ginger fuses with the sweetness of the wild blueberries, granting an involving aroma and a subtle final taste. 


our perfect serve

perfect serve

The most exotic perfection

london dry gin or floral type gin, original açai tonic, açai, rose petals and grapefruit twist.

Serve in a very cold long drink glass, with rock ice. Pour the gin, add the Original Açai Tonic slowly, letting it slide on a spiral spoon to avoid breaking the bubbles. Finally, add red fruits and rose petals. Flavour it with a grapefruit twist.    

tropical lilac

The most savage combination

vodka, cassis liquor, lime juice, roses syrup, original açai tonic, 2 raspberries and 1 açaí.

Pour all the ingredients in the shaker, except the tonic, and shake it. Serve in a very cold cocktail glass and finish with Original Açai Tonic. Decorate with a brochette of raspberry, açai and powdered sugar.

original passion

Intensity without alcohol

almond syrup, watermelon purée, lime juice, original açai tonic, 1 raspberry, 1 cranberry and dehydrated orange.

Pour all the ingredients into a Hurricane glass with rock ice and finish with the Original Açai Tonic. Decorate the cocktail with a slice of dehydrated orange, raspberry and blueberries.