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It’s quinine and natural sugar extracts make it the perfect complement for your mixes. The subtle citrus notes of orange and lemon provide a slight spiciness that makes it truly unique.


our perfect serve

perfect serve

Pure originality

original classic tonic, mediterranean style gin, lemon zest, mediterranean herbs and olive oil caviar.

Serve in a very cold snifter, chilled first with rock ice. Pour the gin. Add the Original Classic Tonic, pouring it slowly down a spiral spoon, so the bubbles do not break. Aromatise with lemon zest and garnish with a bouquet of Mediterranean herbs and olive oil caviar.

original morning

Be original, Gintonic…with vermouth!

original classic tonic, mediterranean style gin, cocchi americano, pink grapefruit juice, orange marmalade, lemon juice, agave syrup and rosemary.

Shake all ingredients in the cocktail shaker, except the tonic. Serve in a marmalade jar, chilled well first with ice cubes. Add Original Classic Tonic and crushed ice. Garnish with orange slices and sprigs of rosemary.

passion fizz

Passion does not need alcohol

original classic tonic, orange juice, strawberry pulp, passion fruit and vanilla syrup.

Pour all ingredients except tonic into a cocktail shaker and shake well. Serve in a well-chilled long drink glass over ice cubes, and then add the Original Classic Tonic. Garnish with half a passion fruit and mint leaves.