A cherry-flavoured gin and tonic, our Christmas bet!

Toasts and after-meals have always been part of Christmas celebrations and, therefore, today we are going to give you a recipe for a cherry-flavoured gin and tonic that will undoubtedly become the king of these holidays.

Because now, yes, Christmas is just around the corner and although this time family reunions and meetings with friends will be reduced by issues that we all know, we know that even in petit comité we will enjoy the usual things. Nougat, feasts, toasts and gifts are still part of these special dates that we like so much at Original Tonic. For this reason, we have been thinking with what recipe we could surprise you so that, despite everything we are experiencing, you can live Christmas in style.


A special combination for a special date: This is the cherry-flavoured gin and tonic!


Gin and tonic has been the king of after-dinner meals and, without a doubt, one of the most acclaimed drinks in our country. However, for a special occasion, we also need a special gin and tonic. And how could we go for a classic one when thanks to our wide variety of flavours and colours we can play and enjoy unique and super special combinations?

After discovering the gin and tonic with Original Mint, this time it is up to our Original Cherry, an intense red colour so keeping in with the Christmas holidays, to become the protagonist. This premium tonic has always been one of our most acclaimed products and, when someone tries it, they hardly forget it. Its initial aroma and its subtle bitter trace give way to a sweet fragrance of red jellybeans that make it delicious and really attractive for any palate. As if that were not enough, a touch of rose petals reduces the caramel flavour and softens the bitterness, turning it into a unique tonic. Can you imagine combining it with a delicious gin? Read on and discover the recipe step by step!


Original Cherry: The premium tonic that changes everything!


At Original Tonic we are aware that preparing a gin tonic is not the most complicated cocktail on the planet, but even for the simplest there are things that are essential for the result to be the one we want. From betting on a good gin or a premium tonic to the way of serving it or the garnish with which to complete it.


So, for the recipes to come out perfect, we always have our bartender and Brand Ambassador, James Misajel, who knows how he makes the final result turn on all five of our senses.

This time we will need the following ingredients:

  • 5cl of premium gin (the one you like the most)
  • Ice
  • Original Cherry
  • 2 strawberries

To make it, we will prepare a previously cooled balloon glass with rock ice inside until we cover just over half. With the help of a jigger, we will pour the 5cl of the chosen gin and, later, with the help of an imperial spoon, we will gradually include the Original Cherry. It is important to do it with the help of this utensil because, thanks to this, we will ensure that the bubble does not break. Once we have this, to enhance the flavour and garnish, we will include the previously laminated strawberries. The taste is amazing!


Now, that we have an online store and, in addition, we have offers and free shipping, there is no excuse, this Christmas the toasts are with Original Tonic!



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