A cocktail with vodka… And Original Berries!

Today we come to talk about a cocktail with vodka that will surely surprise and make lovers of this distillate fall in love, so if you are one of them… You are on the right blog!

In our last posts we have talked to you several times about the elaboration of different premium gin and tonics, surprising and different, even low in calories! Because yes, we are aware that this is one of the most acclaimed drinks of the moment and that, in addition, Spain is the third largest consumer of it in the world. However, we know that, on the other hand, there are also many who opt for vodka when going out for drinks or enjoying an after-dinner or special evening at home, so since here we want to satisfy all tastes, today we will focus on it!


A cocktail with vodka and a very good taste in the mouth

If something has become clear to us in recent months, it is that the health crisis will change the end consumer forever. Our society is increasingly aware of the importance of betting on the national product. This not only leads us to support the companies of our country, but also allows us to bet on a local trade, which translates into an act of responsibility with the planet, so everything is positive! At Original Tonic we have always cared to offer you the best of ourselves and bet on innovation and quality has made us a benchmark in the world of mixers, something that makes us deeply proud.


The introduction of color and flavor marked a before and after in the market and, without a doubt, Original Berries has been one of our star products since our inception. Today, this sweet and smooth premium tonic will be the star of a vodka cocktail that will leave you with a very good taste in your mouth.


The recipe step by step


Our bartender and Brand Ambassador, James Misajel, has prepared a super simple and delicious recipe whose absolute stars are vodka and our Original Berries. If you already have the basic cocktail tools at home, you just have to take note of the ingredients and the preparation to enjoy this refreshing delight.


  • 5cl of vodka
  • 1cl of rose syrup
  • 1cl of lime juice
  • 4 cut strawberries
  • Dehydrated orange
  • Raspberries
  • Original Tonic Berries





In an old fashioned glass, crush the strawberries with the help of a mortar. Later, we will add the lime juice and the rose syrup. Once we have this, with the help of an imperial spoon, we will mix the ingredients well so that they are integrated. At this point, we will put plenty of crushed ice and we will finish by adding top of Original Tonic Berries, with the help of the same imperial spoon so that the bubble does not break.


As garnish, we will use the dried orange and two or three raspberries. Et voilà!


You can’t imagine how amazing it is!



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