A special gin and tonic? Discover our proposals, you will love them!

What are your plans for these weeks? Surely Saturdays and Sundays stand out for lunches and dinners with friends and family, those gatherings that end in long after-dinner conversations… And in which there are always reasons to toast and… What better than with a special gin and tonic? And it is that, already anxious for the good weather to get closer, we are still betting on plans inside to face the harsh wave of cold that has been stalking us for weeks, for this reason we bring you a couple of very special gin and tonics… That you and your guests will love!

In the previous post we explained one of our best-known recipes, however, today we come to delight you with new bets that, surely, will fascinate you and that is that in The Original Tonic we are lucky to be able to offer a huge variety thanks to our wide offer of colours and flavours. So… Read until the end and take note, we’re going to toast!


Surprise your guests… With this special gin and tonic!

As many of you know, at The Original Tonic we are known for the wide variety of tonics that we offer, with different flavours and colours, which also stand out for their high quality. In addition, it should be noted that we are the tonic with the least sugar on the market and, in fact, we also have a Zero range, made up of three varieties of premium tonics totally free of sugar, ideal for those who want to take a little more care of themselves!

In today’s post, our bartender and Brand Ambassador James Misajel brings two cocktails that will surprise you.

Today’s leading tonics are our Original Citrus, with its characteristic blue colour, which stands out for its marked acid essences of lemon lime and Italian bergamot that gain ground over bitterness, integrating with grapefruit and bitter orange; and the Original Yuzu, a premium tonic that stands out for its intense citrus aroma of Asian yuzu that enhances quinine, wrapped in fine brushstrokes of matcha green tea.

Don’t stop reading… we’ll tell you step by step everything you need to know!

The step by step of the recipes that will win you over this season

We all know that preparing a gin and tonic does not require a very difficult process. However, the important thing here is to choose quality ingredients and, therefore, our premium tonics are the best option to prepare them. In addition, with our original.

As for the ingredients, you will only need:

  • 5cl of gin (your choice)
  • Cucumber, rose petals and lime (for Original Citrus) and green apple and lime (for Original Yuzu)
  • rock ice

Let’s go step by step! In both cases, the steps are practically identical, except that depending on the tonic flavour we choose, this could change.

To begin with, we will prepare a balloon glass with rock ice that will be cooled beforehand. With the help of a jigger, we will pour the gin and, later, with the help of an imperial spoon we will slowly integrate the chosen tonic, so that the bubble that makes our brand so special does not break. To complete, we will add the cucumber, the rose petals and the lime in the case of the Citrus or the green apple and the lime in the case of the Yuzu. As simple as that!

Undoubtedly, with these two options we will achieve a very special gin and tonic that is perfect for spending an unforgettable evening.

In addition, we remind you that you can enjoy a 15% discount on all our tonics, in our online store, it’s time to take advantage!


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