Berries, Cherry, Açai… Discover the sweetest flavours of The Original Tonic!

Who doesn’t like a good gin and tonic? Although, without a doubt, this is one of the most acclaimed drinks of the moment, it is true that there are still many people who are not lovers of it, possibly due to its characteristic dry flavour typical of gin, which, accompanied by a neutral tonic, emphasizes just the juniper flavour. But, at The Original Tonic we offer a great variety of colours and flavours, so that, we have the solution for those who prefer sweeter drinks. Have you ever tried a gin accompanied by a sweet tonic? Discover among our great and varied offer the options that will conquer your palate, because we are sure that you will love them! So… Keep reading until the end!



The sweetest taste thanks to The Original Tonic!

We recently talked about our star products, including Original Berries, a raspberry-flavoured tonic that stands out for its pink colour. Its soft and sweet flavour is influenced by citrus notes and Provencal lavender that offers a final aftertaste of red fruits, of which we also have a Zero range, totally sugar-free, for those who want to toast while keeping fit.


On the other hand, with an intense and intriguing aroma, the fruit of the Açai and the freshness of ginger, all sweetened by wild blueberries, we have the Original Açai & Ginger, with its characteristic violet colour. An elegant and exotic drink that is capable of conquering even the most exquisite palates, there is no one who has not fallen in love with it!


We cannot forget our Original Cherry, with its intense red colour, this tonic has a cherry flavour that stands out for its bitter essence at first, which gives way to a sweet fragrance of red jelly beans while a touch of rose petals softens the flavour to caramel and softens the bitterness in this marvel that will make the most original palates fall in love, it is a true marvel!


And now that you know them, what about making a gin and tonic with them?


Your sweetest gin and tonic… Ready in no time!


As many of you know, at The Original Tonic we are pioneers in offering tonics of different flavours and colours, something that has made us become a benchmark in our sector. It should be noted that all our offer is available in our website, where we continue with discounts that you can take advantage of to try your favourite premium tonics. Now, how can we prepare a gin and tonic with any of these proposals? We give you the step by step!To get started, you will only need…

  • 5cl of premium gin of your choice
  • Ice
  • Original Berries/ Original Acai & Ginger / Original Cherrys
  • Red fruits (for the version with Original Berries and Original Açai & Ginger)

Once the ingredients are ready… It’s time to get down to work!


First of all, we will pour a couple of ice cubes into a previously cooled balloon glass and with a jigger we will add 50cl of gin. Next, with the help of an imperial spoon so that the bubble does not break, we will serve the tonic that we want depending on the flavour that we seek to achieve. To enhance the flavour of this very special gin, complements can be added: in the case of the Original Berries and the Original Açai and Ginger, we will aromatize and include red fruits to intensify its flavour. The result is incredible!


Do you dare to try any? Do not forget that you can follow our profile on Instagram and don’t miss any of our recipes, we are waiting for you!



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