Black Friday is coming, discover our discounts!

When November arrives, one of our favorite days of the year is also approaching and now that Halloween has passed, another of the festivities that we like the most, Black Friday finally arrives!As we are also super fans of taking advantage of all the discounts on this day, from Original Tonic we have prepared a lot of surprises because we want you to enjoy it in a big way. 

So, in our online store you will find exclusive discounts … But not only on November 26, but throughout the week! Do not stop reading, we will tell you everything in this post.



In case there is someone who still does not know it today (who misses us), the last Friday of November is celebrated Black Friday, and this is characterized by being the day of the year in which we find the greatest discounts in stores.But, although this date has become very important in recent years, we must know that its origin dates back to the 30s. Yes, yes, as you read it. 

Surely many of us think that Black Friday was born in the United States in a context of economic bonanza, but the reality is that it arose after the great crisis experienced in 1929 by the hand of the merchant Fred Lazarus Jr, who proposed reducing the price of his items to sell them easily and thus recover, in one way or another, part of their losses. Now, when did Black Friday arrive in our country?


Black Friday is also coming to Original Tonic!


Black Friday landed relatively recently in our country and it was not until 2012 in Spain that we celebrated it for the first time. It is striking to think how, in so few years, this celebration has become a date marked in red on the calendar and how, today, thousands are people who do not miss out on shopping this day. With Black Friday, for many, the starting signal is given to Christmas shopping and this day is, without a doubt, the perfect excuse to buy Christmas and Three Kings gifts.




How could it be otherwise, from Original Tonic we want to become the protagonists of these parties in all your homes and, therefore, we have prepared a scandalous and really attractive Black Friday to which, we have no doubt, you are not going to be able to to resist! Are you ready? All our products will have a 15% discount from Monday 22 to Sunday 28 November! Indeed, it is not necessary to wait for the last Friday of the month, we will be celebrating it all week!


What products will be on sale on our Black Friday?


As you well know, at Original Tonic we have a wide range of premium tonics that have long become the stars of after-dinner parties and the queens of cocktails and mixed drinks. 

The first thing you should know is that all our products will have the 15% discount that we will offer on the occasion of Black Friday and among them you can find from our Original Classic, our first creation, with citrus notes of orange and lemon that give it a slight spicy trace that makes it unique, our Original Cherry, red in colour and a sweet fragrance of red gummies, our Original Yuzu Ocha, where the intense citrus aroma of Asian yuzu enhances the quinine and is wrapped in fine touches of matcha green tea, until our Original Mint, green in colour and a strong minty entry, among others. 

In addition, you can also find these discounts in our Zero range, totally free of sugars and where the Original Classic Zero, the Original Berries Zero and the Original Citrus Zero are the real stars.

Don’t think about it anymore, enter our online store now and start signing up for all those Original Tonic products that should be in your possession on Black Friday!



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