The Original


Enjoy an Asian gin and tonic without leaving home!

Although Easter and the days off for vacations and rest have passed, we still have many weekends with spring temperatures to enjoy. You already know that at Original Tonic we are absolute fans of after-lunches and in it, for us and surely for you, there is a...

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Red fruit gin and tonic, the key is our Original Berries!

Gin and tonic is the undisputed drink par excellence in all our meetings and after-meals, and without one accompanying a chat between friends, we feel that something is missing. For this reason, from Original Tonic today we bring you a recipe for red fruit gin and...

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Best Winter cocktail: Our Citrus Snow!

Still assimilating the consequences and the remnants of cold that the passage of Filomena has left throughout the country, today we propose a very special recipe: the best winter cocktail. Just what you were waiting for! It has been a long time since we assumed that...

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Our online store, what can you find in it?

It makes us so happy to tell you about what has been a reality for weeks: Our online store! It seems that 2020 changed everything in our lives, from our way of relating, living, to our way of consuming ... With the arrival of 2021 (by the way, happy new year!) Things...

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A cherry-flavoured gin and tonic, our Christmas bet!

Toasts and after-meals have always been part of Christmas celebrations and, therefore, today we are going to give you a recipe for a cherry-flavoured gin and tonic that will undoubtedly become the king of these holidays. Because now, yes, Christmas is just around the...

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A cocktail with Original Yuzu, discover our Passion Winter!

Although we already know that, currently, everything related to leisure is very different from what we knew, we know that a cocktail with Original Yuzu will be able to take away all the sadness and make us live the beautiful and special moments we always desire....

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