Blue, green, red… Premium tonic water with the most amazing flavours and colours!

Is there anything better than spending an afternoon or evening with friends and family? The truth is that no, because making plans with our loved ones and enjoying a delicious gin and tonic together, made with the best flavoured premium tonic, is a real plan. Of course, if there is something that we like and attract each time we make a social plan, it is to enjoy a meeting around the table: food, drink and a good toast are the perfect ingredients to get a magical evening.


Based on this idea, from the begining, at Original Tonic we are committed to differentiating ourselves through the quality and variety of our products. In this world of gastronomic innovation we ask ourselves, why settle for the ordinary when you can explore the exceptional? And thus our hallmark of differentiation was born: the extensive palette of tonics of different colours and flavours.


As many of you already know, we were the first to introduce colour and flavour in all our varieties. And this is how some of our star premium tonics were born, such as the Original Berries, betting on pink to accentuate the sweetness and softness provided by its citrus notes. So, do not forget to go through the previous post, where we leave you an easy and quick recipe for a sweet gin and tonic with this special tonic, you will love it!




You have the best premium tonic in flavours and colours at The Original Tonic!


Original Tonic’s premium flavoured tonics are the answer for those looking for a unique and fascinating experience in every sip, adding a whole new dimension to the tasting experience.


Whether you prefer smoothness and subtlety or boldness and intensity, at Original Tonic we have a wide variety of options for all types of palates, ranging from the freshest citrus fruits, such as the Original Mint Tonic, to more delicate spicy and floral touches, such as the Original Ginger Beer.

Keep reading and we will tell you the best kept secrets of three of our best flavoured premium tonics…


  • Original Mint: Its strong menthol presence at the start, linked to the citrus and bitter notes of grapefruit, achieves an unusual combination of flavours that permeates until the end. In addition, it has a glowing green colour, which will make your drink the envy of all.




  • Original Citrus: With its characteristic blue colour it reminds us of the shore of the beach and the sea breezes. It has a representative citrus character of lemon lime and Italian bergamot that stand out for gaining ground over bitterness, integrating with grapefruit and bitter orange, maintaining its citrus essence from the first sip to the last. In addition, there is the Zero Range version, totally sugar-free, but with the same colour and flavour as always.



Original Cherry: With its powerful passion red colour, it undoubtedly represents its characteristic bitterness and caramel. It has an aroma and a subtle bitter initial trace that give way to a sweet fragrance of red jelly beans. In addition, it has a touch of rose petal flavour that lowers the caramel flavour and softens the bitterness.




This way, with the wide variety of flavours that we offer in our premium tonics, it is clear that we have options for all tastes. In addition, its great versatility allows you to mix it with different types of gin or even add other ingredients to create surprising and unique combinations.


So, if you are planning a meeting with friends or any other plan, make sure you have some of our premium tonics on hand and get ready for an incomparable flavour and fun experience. In addition, we remind you that all these tonics and many others with a 15% discount in our online store. Take advantage of this opportunity!














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