Blue Spring: The perfect cocktail to start off the spring with!

Few days ago we couldn´t leave the coat, the hat and the scarf but, now that the cold days are ending and little by little we are enjoying the good weather, we are starting to prepare the best plan to receive the sunny days, just because the spring is around the corner and we want to celebrate!

We all know that March is one of the best months of the year. It´s time to say goodbye to winter and welcome sunny days. The landscape is painting green and the days are getting longer. Without a doubt, this is the best moment to make plans out and enjoy the good weather. Go for a walk with your couple, go to the park with your pet, go on hiking with your family…  any excuse is good enough to go out but, what we all like the most, of course, is enjoying a funny meeting with friends on the terrace and, can you think about a better option to enjoy the weather than with a cool drink in your hand? And if the plan is organized by you and want to surprise your guests? And what if a friend prepares a lunch or dinner on his terrace and you want to leave them with their mouth wide open? Don´t worry, from Original Tonic we bring you the most exotic cocktail, full of flavour and freshness to receive this season of the year as it deserves.


Without a doubt, the best thing we do in Original Tonic is to surprise you. Because of that, we have a unique product range, with an 8 flavours gamma, all of them unmistakable for the colour and for their exciting taste. The variety is the thing that we most like but, knowing that we have the premium tonics with less sugar in the market…  is just priceless! Because we take care of every detail to get a premium quality in all our products.


So that, for those excited for the beginning of warm days we suggest the loveliest drink and with the most Mediterranean colour to celebrate it: our Original Citrus.


Discover the perfect cocktail! 

In this post, our bartender and Brand Ambassador, James Misajel, suggests one receipt that we can get quickly and simply, to collect in a sip this citric flavour that attract many palates: our fantastic Blue Spring cocktail. Rightly, the acid essence of lemon-lime and bergamot combined with a bitter touch of orange of our Original Citrus, couldn´t be left in this fresh proposal to start March as good as possible.

The ingredients to elaborate it are easy to get, so take note: white rum, almond liqueur,  pineapple juice, almond syrup, pineapple slices, a bit of mint and, of course, Original Citrus (you can choose between standard or sugar free versions, you are not going to feel the difference!)


Now, how can we prepare our spring cocktail? Mix 5cl of white rum, 1cl of almond liqueur, 1cl of pineapple juice and 1cl of almond syrup in a cocktail shaker and shake it. In this first step, our tonic will have to wait. The second step will be to add crushed ice in a wide cup.

Later, we add the mixture to a cup with more ice and, mix with the help of an imperial spoon for not to break the bubble of our Original Citrus, which we will get this unique flavour, fresh and special. In the end, we are going to add an exotic touch, we will garnish the drink with pineapple slices and the mint.

And that´s all, we are ready to enjoy the good weather and celebrate the arrival of spring as it deserves!

Are you up to try? Tell us the result!



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