Bye bye August, let’s toast with a purple gin and tonic!

It seems incredible that we already have to say goodbye to the summer, to the days at the beach, the sunsets in front of the sea, the leisurely nights, the cocktails in our vacation destination … But it is a reality! August is coming to an end and, with it, we close a stage to welcome September and the “new course” in style. For this reason, from Original Tonic we want us to say goodbye to this wonderful time of year as it deserves: toasting with a purple gin and tonic!


Yes, you read it right. Today we bring you a recipe that, without a doubt, will sweeten your palate and will ensure that you live an authentic five senses experience in each drink of this special combination. So whether you are a gin and tonic lover or not, read to the end because we are sure that there can be no one who is not going to like this proposal.


Original Açai Ginger: the key to get a purple gin and tonic


Those of you who have known us for a long time know that at Original Tonic we have been concerned from the beginning to offer originality, diversity and quality in each of our creations. To our wide range of colours and flavours, the Original Açai Ginger was one of the last bets to join and we already assure you that, today, we can affirm that it has not gone unnoticed by anyone.


Its intense purple colour characterizes it, but the secret of its success is found, not only in the fine bubble that persists in each of our premium tonics, but in its unmistakable and exquisite flavour. Its intriguing and intense aroma combines the exotic fruit of Açai and the freshness of ginger, which merge with the sweetness of wild blueberries, giving it an enveloping aroma and a subtle final flavour that has already conquered many palates. Well, today it will be the star of our most special gin and tonic.


Prepare a premium gin and tonic by following these steps


If we recently talked about how to make a low-calorie gin and tonic, today we come to talk about the gin and tonic that, without a doubt, will leave you with your mouth open and will become your best ally if you want to prepare a special evening and surprise your closest environment. For this, the first thing we are going to need is the Original Açai Ginger, which you can find in our online store or in large stores. What else are we going to need? Take note of all the ingredients!



  • 5cl of gin (we recommend this time the Bivrost Artic Gin)
  • Grapefruit rind
  • Original Açai Ginger



To prepare our purple gin and tonic, the first thing we need is a balloon glass that we will previously cool with rock ice. Later, with the help of a jigger, we will include the gin, and with the help of an imperial spoon so we do not break the bubble, we will add, little by little, the Original Açai Ginger. Finally, we will flavour with a grapefruit twist that will serve both as garnish and to enhance the flavour.


And ready!

Do you dare to prepare it? Tell us the result!







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