Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this romantic recipe!

Without a doubt, another of the dates we like the most of the year at The Original Tonic is February 14. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style! It is something that we are passionate about because we think that celebrating love and friendship with the most special people in our lives is something that should always be valued. In fact, in Spain, more than 54% of people who are in a relationship plan to celebrate this special day. Now, how can we surprise our partner for another year?


Although the usual thing has always been to bet on material gifts, where details have been prioritized for a long time, especially related to jewelry and bouquets of roses, betting on experiences is becoming quite acclaim and, of course, the success of the last time. Betting on experiences, in addition to being an unforgettable gift, breaks the routine and further strengthens the bond with that special person in our lives. Therefore, in this post we bring you the perfect gift! Bet once again on Original Tonic and toast with this romantic recipe surprising your partner.


Celebrate Valentine’s… With this romantic recipe!

Now, as many of you know, at Original Tonic we are known for being pioneers in the market in offering a great diversity of colours and even flavours in premium tonics, with the main objective of innovating to satisfy all the tastes and needs of our customers, even those most exquisite palates. This great variety in our offer means that we have a perfect option for every occasion… And it was not going to be less on Valentine’s Day! Let Cupid prepare the arrows… That we are going to toast!


Today we turn to one of our best-known premium tonics and which undoubtedly becomes the perfect option for this occasion because it is the softest and sweetest. Our Original Berries is a pink tonic with a characteristic raspberry flavour that, influenced by citrus notes and Provençal lavender, offers a final aftertaste of red fruits where the most intense emotions emerge. So, what else do we need to prepare the most special cocktail? Do not stop reading we tell you everything!


How to prepare the experience… We tell you all the details!

 It’s time to get down to business! For this, it is important that we know the ingredients that we are going to need to prepare a very special and sweet gin and tonic with which to surprise our partner and toast on a date where love undoubtedly takes center stage. For this, you will only need…

  • 5cl of premium gin of your choice, a good option is Mistral Gin
  • Ice
  • Original Berries
  • Red fruits to give a special touch to the drink


Once the ingredients are ready, you just have to be creative and follow the steps to have our sweetest gin ready. Also, if you need to find other flavours to try different varieties, you can refer to our previous post, where we give you all the details.




In addition, in case many of you did not know, in our e-commerce we also have packs for sale made up of some gin and various tonics, in fact, we have the perfect one for this special day… the Mistral Gin and Original Premium Tonic Pack. With which, you can enjoy a perfect combination for several Gin & Tonics thanks to Mistral Gin, an artisanal pink gin is the fruit of the passion for Provence, together with several sweet tonics from Original Tonic, including Original Berries… You will be able to toast on this significant day with the sweetest cocktails! You dare? Do not forget to tell us which tonic has been chosen to toast this special day or follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with all our news!


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