Discover Açai Ginger, our premium purple tonic

In the coming months, spring arrives, and with it, gradually come the warm days of summer. What better way to enjoy them than by spending quality time toasting with loved ones! That’s why today we want to talk to you about our premium purple tonic, Açai Ginger tonic. Its characteristic and unique purple color inspire us in this month of March, a month where purple takes center stage like never before, and where we invite you to toast with this top-notch premium tonic.


Undoubtedly, the inclusion of açai as its main ingredient makes this premium tonic one of our most special offerings. Furthermore, it boasts an intense purple color that captures all attention. A tonic where freshness and elegance are taken to the limit, perfectly crafted to be enjoyed as a refreshment or as the perfect complement for cocktails, a drink, or a special evening with our loved ones. Now, would you like to know more? Keep reading to the end and don’t miss a detail!


The premium purple tonic that no one will forget!

In our Original Açai Ginger, the combination of the exotic Açai Ginger fruit and the freshness of ginger blend with the sweetness of wild blueberries, giving our premium tonic a enveloping aroma and a subtle final flavor. All of this will make it unforgettable for any palate and will be able to revolutionize all your senses.


But of course, we are all waiting for… How do I take it? How is it prepared? Well, from Original Tonic, just as we recently talked about how to enjoy a low-calorie gin tonic, today we bring you the ideal recipe to enjoy a gin with our Original Açai Ginger. To prepare it, you’ll only need our premium purple tonic, 5cl of gin, and grapefruit zest, which will be the perfect garnish for this special mix. Let’s go step by step!


The recipe step by step:

In a previously chilled balloon glass with ice, we will pour the gin using a jigger and, to avoid breaking the bubble, slowly add the Original Açai Ginger with an imperial spoon. Finally, we’ll add the grapefruit twist to enhance the flavor and decoration.


And there you have it! That’s how quickly you can enjoy your perfect purple gin tonic for sunny days. Follow all our news on our Instagram profile, and don’t miss a thing! Would you like to toast with us with this special recipe?


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