Do you know how to prepare a good gin and tonic? We’ll tell you step by step!


Without a doubt, gin and tonic is one of the trendy drinks of recent times, but do we know how we should prepare a good gin and tonic? Without a doubt, there are several secrets hidden behind a recipe that really turns our cocktail into a premium and quality drink and, therefore, at Original Tonic today we want to tell you all about them.

 The first thing you should know is that, to prepare a good gin, you need a quality product, both opting for a premium gin and tonic, since this will be what will really make the difference in the final result. If you want to know more… Keep reading until the end!


The secret to a good gin and tonic is…


Now that we know that the main secret to preparing a good gin and tonic is to opt for premium products, we want to talk to you about the tonic that will undoubtedly make the difference from the first to the last drink and, of course, it is any of our varieties.




At Original Tonic we have always opted for innovation and, in fact, we are the pioneer premium tonic in incorporating the variety of colour and flavour in the market and, without a doubt, that is one of our main characteristics, and we like nothing more than have options for all tastes! Therefore, in the recipe to prepare the gin and tonic that you deserve to enjoy, we will give you several options that you will surely love, so if you want to prepare an evening with people you love… Don’t miss any details!


Which premium tonic do I choose?


As for tonics, you can take a look at our wide variety here, but we give you some advice: If you are a lover of the basics, our Original Classic will not disappoint you, it will end up being the best classic tonic you have tried so far! !

If you feel like taking a little more risk and experiencing unique flavours, you can go for our Original Mint, green, and our Original Citrus, blue. If your palate prefers sweet flavours, we recommend our Original Berries or our Original Açaí Ginger, purple in colour, you will love them!


The step by step recipe


If we recently told you how to prepare a red gin and tonic, today we will tell you the step by step to prepare a good premium gin and tonic and, in addition, we will give you some ideas to make it very top with our tonics.


The first thing we are going to need is our premium distillate and, for this, in our online store you can find different types of gin that, without a doubt, you are going to love.

Of course, we will also need a balloon glass and rock ice to chill our gin, as well as the necessary utensils: a jigger and an imperial spoon that will help us pour our premium tonic without losing the bubble.




To prepare it, we must pour 5cl of gin into the balloon glass previously cooled with rock ice. If we are going to add botanicals or spices, now is the time to do it. For classic tonic, for example, juniper, is a safe bet. Finally, with the help of an imperial spoon, we will slowly pour our Original tonic so as not to break its fine bubble and we will add a final touch such as a piece of lemon peel, orange peel, lime peel, some raspberries… Depending on the flavour chosen. On our blog you can find many recipes to inspire you!


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