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We know that, in addition to enjoying our premium tonics, if there is something you love about Original Tonic is the exclusive discounts you can find in our online store, and we are not surprised!

Recently, we talked about the great variety of colours and flavours that you can find in our brand and, therefore, also in our e-commerce. As you well know, we have options for every taste!


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Among our main features, we highlight the fine and persistent bubble that lasts from the first to the last sip and has undoubtedly characterized us from the beginning compared to our competitors. Of course, being pioneers in introducing a variety of colours and flavours in our tonics has been a real revolution for our brand and for the premium tonic market in general. That’s why anyone who tries The Original Tonic knows that there are few tonics that match up to ours.




Although you can find all our varieties on different digital platforms, as well as in large stores and supermarkets, what we can guarantee is that in none of these places you will be able to enjoy the exclusive discounts that we offer. And you can’t miss out on them!


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It is worth noting that, in our online store, in addition to our premium tonics, we also offer different high-quality spirits that you can perfectly combine with any of our choices, such as Cannagin Gin, Imperial Gold Vodka, or Tenjaku Whisky, among others, and also with discounts!

Of course, in our star premium tonics such as Original Mint, Original Citrus, or Original Berries, you can get up to 15% off, and we even have special offer packs!




No excuses, this is undoubtedly the best option to get ready for the Christmas holidays. Amaze your guests with cocktails and mixes that will leave them speechless!

Also, don’t forget that on our Instagram profile, you can follow all our updates and latest news day by day. We also look forward to seeing you there!”



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