Enjoy our premium sugar-free tonic!

From Original Tonic we hope that you are enjoying your holidays to the fullest, summer days, trips, getaways, days at the beach and toasts at sunset. All these plans, in the end, also imply excess food and drink, a consequence of a lack of routine, but if you are one of those people who prioritizes taking care of yourself, you cannot leave out our premium sugar-free tonic! With the intense colour that characterizes us, with the same flavour as always… But totally free of sugar!


Yes, yes, as we told you… Read until the end and don’t miss any detail, there is still summer to enjoy and take care of yourself!


A premium tonic without sugar? In Original Tonic it is possible!


Although many of you already know this, we cannot ignore the fact that we are the premium tonic brand with the least sugar on the market, something that already differentiates us from all our competition and that, without a doubt, makes us a benchmark in the sector. However, a few years ago, we decided that we wanted to go one step further and wanted, above all, to satisfy the needs of all our customers. For this reason, we decided to bet on a line without sugars for those people who lead a 100% healthy life and prefer to maintain it, even in moments of leisure.


So, we got down to work and decided to launch our Original Classic, our Original Citrus and our Original Berries, in a Zero version, a range that has undoubtedly become the favourite of many Original Tonic lovers. Do you want to know more about them? We tell you all the details!


Classic, Citrus and Berries… As always, but in a Zero version!


The Classic Zero is a classic tonic with emblematic nuances of orange and lemon that provide a slight hint of citrus that undoubtedly makes it unique.



On the other hand, the Citrus Zero, with an intense blue colour like the sea, has a marked citrus flavour of lemon lime and Italian bergamot that gain ground over bitterness, integrating with grapefruit and bitter orange. Its persistent citric character makes it very special.



Finally, we have the Berries Zero, pink in colour and perfect for the sweetest palates. This tonic, soft and light with each sip, offers a final aftertaste of red fruits, where the most intense emotions emerge. One of our crowd favourites!



Our entire Zero range is available in our online store, of which, precisely, we told you several advantages in our last post. We have no doubt that this will become your favourite bet, because you will not notice the difference with our original bet and you will be able to bet, while enjoying yourself, for an even healthier version.



Also, we remind you that in order not to miss any of our news, you can find us on Instagram! We wait for you!


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