Here are the premium tonics you should toast with during your Easter holiday!

Spring break is just around the corner, and many of you are probably already thinking about how to take a break from the routine and commitments, ticking off those pending plans from our list that never seem to get done, or simply enjoying moments of relaxation with the people we love the most.

We have the answer to all three options. This Easter holiday, The Original Tonic will be your ally, your friend, your confidant… call it whatever you like, because it will be there with you, accompanying you so you can enjoy every moment, toasting with friends, enjoying a fun and relaxed evening, and making your experience unique. Why? Because it’s not just a simple drink, but a blend of origins between British sophistication and Mediterranean temperament, where you can find what makes you unique, what makes you Original.


Its seductive blends of aromas and flavors, along with quinine extracts, give rise to a distinguished range of premium tonics with fine bubbles that caress the spirits they are combined with, respecting their nuances. What do you say? Are you up for discovering them and choosing yours for this Easter holiday?


We present them all so you can choose your favourite one!


Let’s start with the classic, our Original Classic will be the perfect complement to your cocktails. With quinine extracts and natural sugar, where the citrus notes of orange and lemon provide a slight spicy touch that makes it unique. A classic premium tonic, but unique, that you can combine to achieve the premium touch you deserve.

Moving on to our Original Berries. Its sweetness and softness upon entry gain body with each sip, influenced by the citrus notes of Provencal lavender. A final taste of red fruits brings out your emotions. It is undoubtedly yours if you like intense moments, full of emotions, but with elegance and sophistication always present.

For those who want something with character, the Original Citrus will not leave you indifferent. Its marked acidic essences of lime lemon and Italian bergamot gain ground over bitterness, integrating with grapefruit and bitter orange. As you can see, its citrus character always persists, so be careful if you don’t want to become addicted to it!


How about minty flavors? If you love mint, let us introduce you to our Original Mint. Its strong menthol presence upon entry, combined with the citrus notes of grapefruit, achieves an unusual combination of flavors that will linger until the end. It will be yours if you want something different and enjoy moments that surprise you.

And what about our Original Cherry? Here you have the combination of bitterness and caramel perfectly fused. Its initial aroma and subtle bitter trace give way to a sweet fragrance of red gummy bears. Furthermore, the touch of rose petals it carries reduces the caramel flavor and softens its bitterness. Surely you are already clear that this is yours if you love unique and different flavor combinations.

Are you one of those who love delicacy and refinement? Our Original Yuzu is made for you. Yuzu ocha is delicacy and versatility personified. The intense citrus of Asian yuzu enhances the quinine, wrapped in fine brushstrokes of matcha green tea. Yes, you read that right. Matcha tea is one of the ingredients that accompanies its incredible flavor, perfect for enjoying on a sunny afternoon with friends this Easter holiday.

Haven’t found yours yet? We have more!

Premium Ginger Beer? Yes, made with natural ginger and turning sweet in the mouth. Its final aftertaste puts the exotic touch to a unique sensory experience. It’s ideal for those who want to try something new this holiday and venture into the unknown. Exotic and unique, Ginger Beer is for you if you want to break out of the routine and experience different sensations.

And we come to the last but not least, the Original Açai Ginger is designed for those who want to go one step further and find our Ginger Beer a bit tame. The combination of the exotic Açai fruit and the freshness of ginger merge with the sweetness of wild blueberries, giving it an enveloping aroma and a subtle final flavor. Its intriguing and intense essence along with its intense purple color will make your moment unforgettable, something you’ll want to come back to.

But it doesn’t end here. At The Original Tonic, we also have a sugar-free range! Now our 3 most demanded references: Classic, Berries, and Citrus, totally sugar-free. In fact, on our website, we have a post exclusively dedicated to the zero range of the brand, where we talk more about them and what makes them so special, even how to prepare them!


Have you chosen yours for this Easter holiday? Surely you have. The options we offer at The Original Tonic never disappoint, and those who try them, come back for more. Surely our varieties will not leave you indifferent, and you will be able to find the right one for every moment. To do this, follow all our news on our Instagram profile, and don’t miss a thing!


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