International Women’s Day, let’s toast with our purple tonic!

Although if we have something clear in Original Tonic, it is that International Women’s Day should be 365 days a year, now that March 8th is around the corner, it is important to point out that this is a marked and very important date in our calendar.


If we stop to analyze our most recent history for a few moments, for us, it seems incredible to think that there was a time not too long ago, in which women did not have the right to vote, could not access university studies or could not even have access to an own bank account. Luckily, feminism and the search for equality between men and women are gaining strength in our society and, today, all this is far behind. However, we still see chilling figures that refer to the social inequality that, due to machismo, continues to exist in today’s society: from gender violence to wage inequality, among many, many other things.


For this reason, from Original Tonic we are fully aware of the importance of vindicating the essential role of women in society and, therefore, one more year we want to join in celebrating next March 8th and fighting for all the rights that we still have to get.


 Açai Ginger, the most special toast on International Women’s Day! 


As it could not be otherwise, the protagonist of this special day is our incredible Original Açai Ginger (available in our online store), the purple tonic that has already conquered the palates of men and women and with which today, in addition , we want to symbolize the strength, the struggle and the fundamental rights of all the women of the world.


For those who do not know it yet, our Açai Ginger is not only characterized by its intense purple colour, but its intriguing and intense aroma has ensured that, since its launch in 2019, it does not go unnoticed by anyone. The combination of the exotic Açai fruit and the freshness of ginger merge with the sweetness of wild blueberries, giving it an enveloping aroma and a subtle final flavour that is capable of captivating anyone who tries it.


Today, in addition, we have prepared an incredible recipe with which you can toast to celebrate March 8th  in the most special way, because we can claim rights and, luckily, also smile for those that have already been achieved.



 Empowerment: The recipe for our cocktail step by step!

After bringing you delicious recipes such as our Citrus Snow or a red fruit gin and tonic, today our bartender and Brand Ambassador, James Misajel, has prepared this very special cocktail, our Empowerment, with which we want to raise our voice for the rights of equality between men and women and with whom we want to toast the International Women’s Day as it deserves.


The recipe is very simple so, in these times in which home plans have taken center stage, it will be very easy to make it in our own home and toast with it. Take note of the ingredients you will need!



  • 5cl of vodka
  • 1cl of Blackberry liquor
  • 1cl of lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 4 strawberries
  • 1 lime wedge
  • 2- 3 blueberries
  • Original Açai Ginger


For its preparation, we will have to prepare an On The Rocks glass, which is where we will prepare this delicious and empowered cocktail. The first thing we will do is crush the strawberries, except one that we will cut into pieces and add as it is. Then we add the two tablespoons of sugar (this can be reduced to one if you prefer), pour the 5cl of vodka and also add the blackberry and lime juice. With the help of an imperial spoon, we mix everything until all the ingredients are integrated. Later, we add crushed ice and, with the help of the same imperial spoon so that our bubble does not break, we add the Original Açai Ginger. Finally, as garnish we decorate with the lime wedge and the blueberries.


Simple as that. Now yes … Because we want each other free, alive and equal … Let’s toast!


Happy day to all women!



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