Looking for a premium tonic that suits every taste? It’s possible with The Original Tonic

For every taste, there’s a colour, as the saying goes. This popular phrase refers to the fact that there cannot be something suitable for all tastes and at The Original Tonic we are aware of this. Therefore, since our beginnings we have been concerned not only with innovating in our sector, but with offering a wide variety of options and being able to satisfy the palates of all our clients.

Thus, in our brand you can find a great variety of premium tonic of different flavours and colours, each and every one of them designed for a type of person, taste and palate so that anyone can enjoy our flavours by living a unique experience.


Cherry, Mint, Classic… We have options for all tastes!

Tonic water is, without a doubt, a world-famous drink that, in addition to being a perfect option to enjoy as a soft drink or in a cocktail or mixed drink, is a digestive, antipyretic, analgesic and antimalarial drink. This was invented at the end of the 18th century and, practically from its beginnings, it became the perfect ally of gin until, today, gin and tonic has become one of the most acclaimed and trendy drinks of the moment.



At The Original Tonic we have always wanted to go one step further. That’s why our tonic is so special. In addition to being a premium tonic, it has a fine and persistent bubble that lasts until the last sip but, beyond that, the variety of colours and flavours is what has marked our difference and has become our differential value.


The best option to enjoy a special moment

If you still don’t know which is your favourite option, you can continue investigating both our blog and our Instagram profile so you don’t miss anything about our proposal. In it, you will find our entire range: Mint, Classic, Cherry, Açaí Ginger, Berries, Cherry, Citrus, Yuzu or Ginger Beer and the most surprising colours that accompany unique and unforgettable flavours: blue, pink, red, green, purple…

This is why we proudly claim to be a premium tonic suitable for all tastes, because we have as many options as there are palates! For the most daring, for the sweetest, for the most citrusy, for the most classic… With such special flavours that you can enjoy any of them in a delicious cocktail, as well as drinking it alone as a soft drink. The best of all? We are the premium tonic with the least sugar on the market, so there is no excuse to enjoy it. And, what’s more, we have a Zero range, totally sugar-free!

Don’t forget that in our online store you can find our entire offer and enjoy, exclusively, the best discounts. Get your favourite premium tonic now and get ready to toast!


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