Original Açaí Ginger, the premium tonic that you won’t be able to forget!

Back to autumn and… to the Original Açai Ginger. Since we can’t leave all the good things behind with summer, toast and escape from the routine this fall in the best way possible. This premium tonic has currently become an essential for those palates who are fans of elaborate cocktails or the simplest mixes, but also for those who choose to drink it as a soft drink.


As you well know, at The Original Tonic we have premium tonics of many colours and flavours. In fact, although we have told you about it on other occasions, it is a pride for us to highlight and remember that we were the premium tonic brand that introduced the variety of colour and flavour in our country. However, this is not the only thing that makes us special… If you want to know more, keep reading and don’t miss anything!



Açaí Ginger: the premium tonic that becomes the perfect option



Each of our premium tonics offers a perfect accompaniment for different moments and people. However, if what you want is to surprise and leave everyone in your family amazed, the Original Açaí Ginger is your ideal tonic. Next, we will show you why this is the best option to toast this fall, whether as a soft drink, combining it to get your most special Gin Tonic or as an ingredient in one of your favourite cocktails.



Its aesthetics, bubbles and flavour


The Original Açaí Ginger, violet in colour, makes you want to try it just by looking at it. This intriguing tonic is the result of a refreshing combination of the exotic Açai fruit, ginger and wild blueberries. Both its composition, colour and flavour make Original Açai Ginger an exotic but also elegant tonic. This elegance is also perceived through its fine and persistent bubble, an essential characteristic of all our varieties. If you want to know more, you can see all its features here.


Less sugar, more fun


Furthermore, we cannot forget another of the main advantages of our brand and that is that we are the premium tonic with the least sugar on the market and… You won’t even notice it! In the case of the Orginal Açaí Ginger, for example, the sweetness of the blueberries and its enveloping aroma make you forget that you are enjoying a drink with so little sugar. And its flavour is really amazing! Without a doubt, one of the favourites of the most exquisite palates!


Welcome fall with this Perfect Save!

If you want to enjoy a good cocktail with our Original Açaí Ginger, today we give you the keys to its Perfect Serve. The first thing you should keep in mind is that we need a balloon glass with a lot of ice to cool it and add:

  • London Dry or Floral Gin and mix carefully with de Original Açai
  • Berries
  • Rose Petals
  • Grapefruit twist


In addition, you can try the “Tropical Lilac”, the wildest combination or the “Original Passion”, an alcohol-free recipe that you will not be able to stop repeating. You have the secret of its ingredients on our website.


Don’t think twice and if you want to welcome autumn as it deserves, make Original Açai Ginger part of your next gathering with friends, family or any of your loved ones. You can now click on this link to order yours before it’s too late and… Go ahead and tell us how you prefer your Açai Ginger on our Instagram profile! Following our perfect save?  With your loved ones or alone? We are waiting for you there too!








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