Original Tonic in social media, Influencers also talk about us!

Since our beginnings, it has been very easy to find Original Tonic on social media because our brand was already born in full swing of them. At present, no company or product considers not having a profile on Facebook or Instagram so that its target audience can discover its news and latest news and, even, to attract new customers with them. In today’s society, if you’re not on these platforms, it is actually  like you don’t exist.

We have had it clear from the beginning. Therefore, just as we have opted to adapt to changes, to the setbacks that have arisen and we have looked for a way to satisfy the needs of our clients, for example, by boosting the launch of our online store, we are also aware of the importance of getting a good social media strategy.


How do we work from Original Tonic in social media?

Our goal is for Original Tonic’s social media to reflect the brand’s values: quality, originality and innovation as starting points. For this, of course, we have a team of professionals who are in charge of creating all our content, finding a way to increase our engagement and ensure that we have a neat and beautiful feed.



In addition, with the birth of our e-commerce, we have also seen the need to establish a strategy to reach, in a real way, new consumers and publicize our product and the exclusive offers that we have now. Investing in influencer marketing is perhaps one of the most demanded strategies today and when the results are positive and the profiles you work with are satisfied with the product, you can’t ask for more!


What do the influencers of Original Tonic highlight on social media?


Through our Facebook or Instagram profiles, our target audience can keep up to date with our latest news, discover new recipes or know, first-hand, the characteristics of our product range. If something has always set us apart at Original Tonic, it is the quality of our premium tonic and the wide variety of flavours and colours that we offer, something that has undoubtedly been talked about a lot on social media in recent weeks.


Having micro-influencers is always a plus since, given the high interaction with their community, as well as the closeness they usually show, it makes the message arrive in a real way. It has been a real pleasure for us to have profiles such as Sergio Barreda, Claudia Fernández, Estefanía Ruiz or Aless Trueba, among others.




The best? Undoubtedly, seeing how the colours and flavours of Original Tonic has been one of the things that has surprised them the most, as has our Zero range, the best option to continue enjoying a good cocktail while reducing calories as much as possible.                                                                                      

And you, are you already following us on social media? 



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