Original Tonic, the only Premium tonic with a range of colours and flavours without sugar!

There are those who have always worried about taking care of their body and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and there are those who, in these moments of confinement and little physical activity, begin to worry about it more than ever.

Numerous studies have focused in recent years on demonstrating the disadvantages that sugar has in our body and recommend, at the same time, to eliminate it from our day to day as much as possible. Deterioration of dental cavities, diabetes, fatty liver … These are some of the negative consequences that affect our health and many parts of our body and, of course, weight gain and obesity are not far behind. For this reason, there are more and more people who are concerned about looking for natural sweeteners to replace it or, even, find a way to live without it as much as possible. Does the same thing happen when consuming refreshing drinks? Yes, of course.

After several weeks locked up at home, our physical activity has decreased significantly and although we do not get tired of watching people exercising on social media, it is true that the rhythm cannot be the same as usual; basically because our daily routines help us to be in constant movement and to keep our metabolism active. This is why these days the concern to take care of what we eat or drink is almost as popular as making bread at home, which has become a trend during this confinement.

At Original Tonic we have always been aware that we are part of a society concerned with this aspect, with a healthy lifestyle where healthy foods are increasingly getting protagonism. For this reason, we have always been concerned about offering a product that is very low in sugars, which today allows us to be the premium tonic with the least sugars on the market, and that makes us proud. And if this was not enough, we always wanted to go further and launched a totally free range of this substance: Our Zero range!


Find out!

Our Original Classic Zero, our Original Berries Zero and our Original Citrus Zero have led us to become the only brand that offers a range of premium tonics of various colours and flavours and totally free of sugars, because our priority has always been to satisfy the needs of our clients and thus, innovate and surprise with our creations.

True to its original version, the Original Classic Zero continues to be characterized by its emblematic shades of orange and lemon that provide a light citrus outline that makes it unique. No one will notice the difference from its first version! It is, without a doubt, the perfect option for those less risky palates, which prefer to bet on the classic tonic when preparing their cocktails. Secondly we have the Original Citrus Zero, our blue tonic that evokes the feeling of freshness and the Mediterranean Sea. The strong citrus flavour of lemon lime and Italian bergamot gain ground to the bitterness, integrated with grapefruit and bitter orange, making it our tonic with the strongest citrus character. Perfect to prepare a classic gin and tonic with some citrus gin and lemon or lime twists or cocktails with juices such as pineapple or lime. It is more than refreshing … it is just amazing!

Finally, for the sweetest palates, we have the Original Berries Zero. This tonic, pink in colour, gives us a soft and light sensation to each sip, offering a final aftertaste of red berries, where the most intense emotions emerge. Ideal to combine with a floral type gin or to create the most attractive cocktail for sight and taste … There is no one who has tried it and has not fallen at his feet!


Which one do you like the most?

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