Our coloured and flavoured tonics are an essential in the world of cocktails, discover them!

When we hear about The Original Tonic it is inevitable to think of coloured and flavoured tonics and, without a doubt, this is our hallmark.

In case anyone remains unaware, it is important to highlight that we were pioneers in our country in including the variety of colours and flavours in premium tonic water and that has led us to position ourselves, still today, as a leading brand in the sector. Furthermore, we do not tire of continuing to fight and work to continue offering quality and innovation equally. Now, as the cold weather arrives, with plans at home, after-dinner meals with friends and special people, it is the perfect time for you to discover our wide range and get our star products to toast, as you deserve, this winter. Do you dare to discover them?


The tonic colours and flavours that no one can forget


We recently talked to you on our blog about our Original Yuzu, a tonic inspired by Asia that has already conquered many palates in our country. But at The Original Tonic we are much more and, furthermore, we have a lot to offer.



If you are one of those people who loves to discover new flavours and bet on innovation in cocktails and mixed drinks, our brand will be your perfect ally. We have such a wide variety that we are able to satisfy all types of palates. From the most citrus flavours, through the classics, to the sweetest, they are the protagonists of our commitment that has meant that, during all these years, we continue to remain at the forefront and be a reference for many.


Which of them do you prefer?


Among our variety of premium tonics we can find classic flavours for those who do not dare to risk too much, such as our Original Classic, which was the first to arrive and a basic premium tonic that will not go unnoticed. If we want to go one step further and turn our creations into unique and special cocktails, we can opt for options such as our Original Citrus, blue in colour and with acidic essences of lemon lime and Italian bergamot, our Original Mint, green in colour and with a minty presence, our Original Cherry, red in colour and fragrance of red jelly beans, our Original Berries, pink in colour and with citrus notes of Provençal lavender or our Original Açaí Ginger, purple in colour and combining the exotic fruit of Açai and the freshness of ginger .



Furthermore, as if that were not enough, we are the premium tonic with the least sugar on the market, and we even have a range completely free of them!


If you want to succeed this fall in front of your guests, take advantage of the special offers in our online store now and don’t miss out on your favourite flavour!



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