Our online store, what can you find in it?

It makes us so happy to tell you about what has been a reality for weeks: Our online store! It seems that 2020 changed everything in our lives, from our way of relating, living, to our way of consuming … With the arrival of 2021 (by the way, happy new year!) Things do not seem to be very different, at least these first months. However, if something is clear to us, it is that we are going to face the year with enthusiasm as always.

Without a doubt, one of the things that during 2020 has marked a before and after for the business sector is the commitment to online business. Confinements, avoiding crowds and not leaving the house have meant that what had been a trend in recent years has multiplied to position itself as one of the main options when buying.


Why has our online store arrived now?

At Original Tonic, who have been wanting to bet on our own e-commerce for so long, we have seen the opportunity to do so with the aim, once again, of satisfying the needs of all our customers who, now, can also enjoy their One-click favorite premium tonic. And, let’s face it, even without being able to make all the plans that we would like outside the home, there are things that should never change, such as the weekend coming and we can enjoy an excellent gin and tonic, like the one made with Original Cherry we were talking about in our last post.

And it is clear. At this point, not having our own online store, although our products had already been sold on other digital platforms for a long time, was a step behind, so this was the perfect moment. Launching our online store has undoubtedly been a before and after for our brand and our goal, in the short term, is for this sales channel to become one of the favorites for our customers. Now, what can we find in the Original Tonic online store?


Our online store: Options for all tastes and irresistible prices!


To begin with, it should be noted that all those who subscribe to our newsletter will be able to enjoy a 10% discount on their first purchase. In addition, on our website, right now we have an introductory offer with which all our flavours, from Original Mint, Original Berries, Original Citrus to Original Classic, have a 15% discount, totally irresistible! But wait, because there is more!

As if this were not enough, to celebrate the birth of our e-commerce and until further notice, all our shipments are totally free, so you can enjoy Original Tonic at home, with a single click, in 24-48 hours, and about prices never seen. We know, it’s really tempting.


As for the products, you can find packs of 24 units by selecting a single flavour or choosing a combination of them. In these combinations we find 3 different options: The mixed pack with Yuzu, Citrus, Berries and Mint, the Zero pack for the healthiest with Classiz Zero, Citrus Zero and Berries Zero or the Original pack, where you can choose 24 premium tonics combining them as more you like them, here we have options for everyone!

Finally, it should be noted that in our online store you can also our fantastic Original Ginger Beer and, in addition, various accessories to make the perfect combination, such as a bottle opener, a balloon glass or a selection of botanicals.

As you can see, we have everything at your disposal so that you can enjoy an original and perfect moment!



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