Pink gin and tonic, discover the sweetest spring recipe!

Spring is almost over! As the days go by, the season of heat, the beach and adventures is getting closer and closer: summer. And now more than ever, it’s the perfect time to share plans with friends and family outdoors. So, let’s squeeze the last drops out of this sweet, flowery and beautiful season with a recipe at the height of the season, with a pink gin and tonic with the incredible Original Berries tonic, in charge of giving it that powerful and captivating colour, that elevates the experience of having a gin and tonic with friends and family to a higher level.


In the previous post, we talked about the wide range of premium tonic options in colours and flavours that we offer you from Original Tonic, highlighting without a doubt one of our most authentic characteristics, the fine bubble that lasts until the last drink and becomes a extrasensory experience for all our senses. Thus, from Original Tonic we offer you 11 different premium tonics, ideal for each moment and each plan that you propose. Undoubtedly accentuating our Zero Range, totally sugar-free tonics, but with the same colour and flavour as the originals. Making deserved emphasis that we are the premium tonic with less sugar in the entire market. Thus, the perfect choice for these pre-summer times, where we take better care of ourselves to highlight our best figure on all the beaches and pools in the world.


So, since it’s hard to choose among such a variety of flavours and colours, today we decided to let the calendar choose for us. Thus, we bring you the recipe for a gin and tonic with one of our tonics, in honor of the farewell to spring and the welcome to summer. In the same way, what better colour to represent spring than pink, like cherry trees, almond trees and the much-loved: roses or like the characteristic fruit of the season: raspberries.



Discover the perfect recipe for a pink gin and tonic!

Also, what better tonic that faithfully represents this delicate color than our Original Berries, also available in its more fitness Original Berries Zero version. So, keep reading and don’t miss out on this incredible recipe for a pink gin and tonic with our premium tonic.



A sweet and smooth tonic tonic that gains body with each sip, influenced by the citrus notes of Provencal lavender that will make it a drink of pure attraction with a captivating aroma. Likewise, presenting a final aftertaste of red fruits that will bring out all your emotions.


Do you want to know how this exquisite gin and tonic is prepared? Don’t stop reading… We’ll tell you everything!


Add excitement to your life with this pink gin and tonic recipe!


To prepare the best gin and tonic, all you need is a good attitude and having high-quality raw materials that are at the level of our palates at all times. For this reason, our premium tonics are always the best choice for any gin and tonic, cocktail or drink that you want to prepare. So don’t worry, clear your mind and enjoy this recipe for a pink gin and tonic, without forgetting to use our premium tonics.


To start with, the ingredients:

  • 5 cl of your favourite gin, preferably sweet.
  • 20 cl of our Original Berries tonic
  • Rock ice (4 or 5 pieces)
  • Pieces of your favourite berries to decorate.

Now, let’s go with the step by step of the preparation of our wonderful gin:


  1. We will use a cold balloon cup.
  2. We will add rock ice, 4 or 5 pieces maximum, since it should not stand out above the glass and allow us to stir without difficulty.
  3. We remove the ice for a few seconds to help cool our glass a bit.
  4. We will add the gin with the help of a jigger.
  5. Later, with the help of an imperial spoon, we will gradually integrate the Original Berries or Original Berries Zero tonic. Carry out this process very slowly so that the tonic bubble, so differentiating from our brand, does not break.
  6. Finally, to add aroma and decorate, we place a few pieces of your favourite red fruits.



And just like that we have our wonderful gin and tonic ready, ideal to say goodbye to this spring as it deserves. In addition, we will continue telling you all the properties, tricks and recipes of this exciting world of sensations on our Instagram profile. We will wait for you!



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