Premium sugar-free tonic… Discover all the details of our Zero range!

Welcome Autumn! It seems incredible to us to think how quickly time passes … While recently we were talking about the cocktails with which to toast in summer, today we are already thinking about jackets and the slightly more homemade plans that this time of year is going to bring us. However, as we know that, like us, you are great lovers of good times, after-dinner meals and special toasts, today we come to talk about our premium sugar-free tonic because with Original Tonic everything is possible and this is, without a doubt. , one of our most acclaimed bets.


Still don’t know about our Zero range? Then you have to read until the end to discover all the details of a premium tonic full of colour and flavour but totally free of sugars, perfect for those who are always looking for the healthy option and also for those who venture to discover new options …


Does a premium tonic without sugar taste the same?


Surely you are wondering if it is possible that a premium tonic without sugar tastes the same as another that carries it, the answer is yes. At Original Tonic we have been able to create products full of colour and flavour that follow the same line, the same quality and philosophy as any other tonic in our wide range. It is important to note that we are still the premium tonic brand with less sugar on the market but as we have always wanted to go one step further and our goal has always been to satisfy the needs of all our customers, we decided to bet on our Zero range starring 3 of our flagship products: the Original Classic, the Original Citrus and the Original Berries.


We tell you the details about each one of them!



Our Zero range, discover it!


First of all, we will talk about our Original Classic Zero. In it we find our classic Original flavour, with its emblematic shades of orange and lemon that provide a slight citrus trace that makes it unique, only this time with zero sugars.

Second, we find our Original Citrus Zero. Intense blue in colour and with a marked citrus flavour, lemon lime and Italian bergamot gain ground to bitterness, integrating with grapefruit and bitter orange. This premium tonic has a persistent citrus character without losing a hint of flavour or colour, in your bet, yes, totally free of sugars! Perfect to enjoy even on its own as a refreshment.


Third and last, the last piece of this puzzle is our Original Berries Zero, in pink. The perfect option for the sweetest palates and the healthiest bodies. This tonic, soft and light with each sip, offers a final aftertaste of red fruits, where the most intense emotions emerge. The sweet taste that has always characterized Original Berries, but with zero sugars!


You already know that all these options are available in large stores, in online sales channels such as Amazon and in our own e-commerce, where you can also find discounts and exclusive offers that, surely, you will not be able to resist. It is time to take care of ourselves and with Original Tonic it is possible! And you, have you already tried our Zero range?






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