Premium tonic without sugars, the most special (and fit) toast this spring!

Finally, after a winter that seemed endless, spring begins to show itself. Great news for those of us who like to stay fit: nothing like going for a run on a spring morning, with good weather and warming temperatures. Although there are still a couple of weeks left, the sun is getting warmer and, with it, the desire to enjoy (as far as possible and in compliance with the safety regulations established by the health authorities) a good afternoon with friends. Undoubtedly, for the arrival of good weather and these plans that we like so much, we have a perfect and refreshing option to accompany us, our Zero range, the premium tonic without sugars that the fittest have been waiting for. Without a doubt, this is our first bet this spring, with which we will be able to practice what is almost our “national sport” with more followers: the “terraceo”! 


A premium tonic without sugars, it is possible to bet on the healthiest option!

Although the pandemic has deprived us of many activities that we hope to be able to enjoy again soon, we still have countless options and hobbies to have fun while respecting all security measures. Without a doubt, physical activity is one of them: Many of us are fans who have taken this opportunity to begin to be more aware of the importance of having healthier and more active lifestyles.



We are aware that having healthy lifestyle habits, especially if we are not used to it, can be hard. But, who said that taking care of our body and enjoying ourselves is incompatible? And it is that from Original Tonic, being as “Bon Vivant” as we are, we could not stand idly by.

For those of us who like to take care of ourselves without depriving ourselves of the best things in life, the Original Tonic zero range, which includes the Original Classic Zero, the Original Berries Zero and the Original Citrus Zero is the one for you. Is it possible to create a premium tonic without sugars that preserves all the flavour and colour of the tonic that characterizes us so much? Of course! Although we are the premium tonic brand with less sugar on the market, in this range we eliminate 100% sugars to offer the most “fit” option, and to satisfy the needs of all our consumers. There is no longer an excuse to enjoy a toast with your loved ones!


What is our Zero range really like?


The Original Classic Zero is a must for fans of Original Tonic. Because if we like something, why change it? It has all the good of our Original Classic, with the same shades of orange and lemon while respecting its unmistakable flavour, and zero sugars! Remember to serve it very cold with the gin of your choice, get creative with all the ideas that we bring you on our website, and enjoy!



Original Citrus Zero is, as its name suggests, the most citrus of them. Italian bergamot and lime gain ground to bitterness, integrating with the flavour of grapefruit and orange. Indicated for the most gourmets who seek to enjoy both alone and in company. A trick? On our website, you will find ideas to make exquisite cocktails with this tonic. All the flavour of summer in a bottle!


Lastly, the Original Berries Zero. Is it possible to be sweet with zero sugars? With Original Berries Zero, of course you do! The soft and light touch of each sip, accompanied by notes of raspberry and red fruits, makes this drink the most passionate of the range. Ideal for making combinations full of flavour and looking like the king or queen of cocktails with your friends. This time, no sugar!


How about? There is a choice, right? And, if you do not decide, remember that you can always encourage yourself to try them all. Celebrate the most special and “fit” toast with these 3 flavors that will not leave you indifferent!


Remember that you can find all these tonic and many more in our online store, where we also have several offers and promotions that you will not be able to resist … Now, let’s toast!



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