Red fruit gin and tonic, the key is our Original Berries!

Gin and tonic is the undisputed drink par excellence in all our meetings and after-meals, and without one accompanying a chat between friends, we feel that something is missing. For this reason, from Original Tonic today we bring you a recipe for red fruit gin and tonic that will delight everyone.

As some of you may already know, tonic is a soft carbonated drink that includes quinine, a component of the alkaloid family with analgesic properties. Sounds weird right? It’s actually much simpler than this: Originally, it was used as a preventive drink to fight malaria and was consumed in tropical areas of Southwest Asia and Africa, where this disease was an epidemic. Its first commercial release was created in 1858, with much lower levels of quinine, which gives the distinctive bitter taste to the tonic.

Originally associated with sectors of older age, gin and tonic has been climbing positions faster and faster to achieve the relevance it now has among young adults, who consider it a benchmark cocktail at every party or after dinner. This is how fast traditions are transmitted in our society!


A top combination: This is the red fruit gin and tonic!


Although the gin and tonic is one of the most acclaimed drinks in our country, there are still people who consider it simple because of the simplicity of the cocktail. Nothing is further from reality! The fact that its preparation is simple does not indicate that you cannot play with the result, and discover new and interesting flavours!

At Original Tonic we promote this culture of tonic by introducing delicious combinations through our flavour tonic. Thus, you can make mixes at home and surprise your hosts with the deployment of new sensations. Gin and tonic have never been so fashionable!


After enjoying Christmas accompanied by a gin and tonic with Original Cherry, it is time for our Original Berries to star in the next special evenings (even at home or with our closest circle and respecting all security measures) with its characteristic fruity aroma. Without a doubt, this premium tonic is one of the most successful flavours that we have. Sweet and smooth on entry, it gains body with each sip, influenced by the citrus notes of Provencal lavender. A final aftertaste of red fruits brings out the emotions. Do you want to find out for yourself? We leave you a delicious recipe so that you dare to be the next king or queen of the tabletop. Keep reading!



Original Berries: The premium tonic that will revolutionize your cocktails!


From Original Tonic we bring you this recipe so that you become the undisputed kings of the local gin and tonic. And don’t worry: it doesn’t have any complications. One or of the many benefits of this cocktail is how quick and easy it can be made, getting us out of any trouble. Just follow the indications that we leave you below. Our bartender and Brand Ambassador, James Misajel, ensures that you will not be disappointed!


For this delicious recipe we are going to need the following ingredients:


  • 5cl of premium gin of your choice.
  • Ice
  • Original Berries
  • 3 or 4 raspberries




Its preparation is so easy: In a previously chilled balloon glass we add a couple of ice cubes and with the help of a jigger we will add the 5cl of gin. Later, with the help of an imperial spoon so that the bubble does not break, we will serve the Original Berries tonic. To enhance the flavour of this special gin, we add 3 or 4 raspberries. You will see that the flavour is spectacular!



And to complete the recipe, remember that on our Instagram you will find presentation suggestions, ideas and news so that you are always up to date and be the gin and tonic expert in your group of friends. Serve very cold and enjoy!



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