Red heart: The best recipe for the perfect cocktail for Valentine’s Day!

A few days ago we were going crazy with Christmas gifts, finishing picking up the tree with all the Christmas decorations… And we are already looking for the best gift for this February 14th.

Flowers, hearts, Cupid, the red colour everywhere … Without a doubt, February has become the month of love par excellence, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to demonstrate and enjoy good love towards the most special people of our life, whether our best friends, family or our partner. Giving presents just to those we are in love with, is a bit old fashioned, isn’t it? 😉 The important thing is to celebrate, smile and tell to all those we care the most how much we love them and, despite this should be done every single day, let’s be honest, we love that there is a date for love! So, do you know a better way to celebrate a moment as beautiful as this than with a toast?

If Original Tonic is characterized by something, is because we were the first brand in our market that opted for the diversity of flavours and included the colour in tonic. We have cared about improving and betting on innovation and, nowadays, we already have 11 references and 8 different flavours, without forgetting that, we are the premium tonic water with less sugar in the market. Yes, we have taken care of every detail to have everything in our favour! Therefore, we can boast of having the ideal mixer for every occasion.

If in previous posts we proposed terrifying cocktails to celebrate Halloween or we talked about the steps to prepare the best frappés to face the hot and summer months, this date could not go unnoticed for Original. Because yes, we are also lovers of gin and tonic, cocktails, premium drinks and, of course, long and pleasant after lunch moments. Therefore, with this post we will make those people you love so much to also love you for your ability to prepare delicious and refreshing cocktails. Ready to leave them with their mouths wide open? Let’s go!

This time, we will be guided by flavours that will give us a perfect combination of passion and mischief at the same time. Therefore, the protagonist premium tonic water could not be other than the Original Cherry, which thanks to its aroma at the beginning and its subtle bitter stroke that gives way to a sweet fragrance of red jelly beans, will make us get a cocktail full of sweetness and, thanks to its intense red colour, it will transport us to a moment of absolute passion.

In this way, our bartender and Brand Ambassador, James Misajel, brings us a very simple and delicious recipe, with which you will want to toast again and again, and you will be able to enjoy love with a unique and very special flavour.

Follow all the steps! 

What ingredients are we going to need? Strawberry gin, strawberry liqueur, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, cinnamon syrup, Original Tonic Cherry and, finally, dried orange and cinnamon sticks, that will be served as garnish so everything will be perfect.

Once we have all the necessary elements with us, we will begin with its elaboration. What should we do? We pour 5cl of strawberry gin, 1cl of strawberry liqueur, 2cl of cranberry juice, 1cl of pineapple juice and 1cl of cinnamon syrup in a shaker. Once we have put everything, we will shake it and then serve it in a glass with ice. Once these steps have been followed, we will proceed to add the Original Tonic Cherry on top, with it we will achieve an attractive flavour and a final colour rather striking. Finally, we will add dehydrated orange and cinnamon, et voilá! Everything ready to conquer your palate and that special person!

Toasting in the name of those whom we love has never been so perfect! It is time … Enjoy!


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