Start 2023 toasting with Original Tonic!

Welcome 2023! The year begins with new goals, objectives… and a tough return to routine after the most special holidays of the year. What are your plans for this new year? Surely, oddly enough, one of the favorites is getting back to the routine, but always taking time to disconnect and see the most important people in your life. From The Original Tonic we know that one of the star plans in the winter plans are the afternoons with friends at home, they are with long after-meals, where we enjoy quality time, therefore, 2023 begins toasting for it, and for this, nothing better than doing it with Original Tonic!


Without a doubt, our tonics, with a huge variety of colours and flavours, are the perfect option for making plans with special people. Do you know all our offer? Do not stop reading because… We tell you everything!


Bet on The Original Tonic, start 2023 in the best way!

As many of you know, at Original Tonic we have been pioneers on several occasions, on the one hand, in offering different flavours and colours in our tonics, with the main objective of satisfying all our customers, even the most exquisite palates. They can be mixed with different liquors and distillates, creating cocktails and preparations that make them live unforgettable and unique experiences. An initiative that, although some more brands in the sector have been added, we stand out for being the first!

Also, seeking to adapt to the needs of everyone, it should be noted that we are the premium tonic with less sugar on the market and, as if that were not enough, we have a Zero range! Three varieties with the same colour and flavour as always, but without any sugar! Undoubtedly, the perfect option for those who want to keep fit and bet on a healthy lifestyle, it has never been so easy to enjoy a tonic or gin and tonic with so few calories!


Some of our star products… Don’t miss them!

As many of you know, we have been concerned from the beginning to offer originality, diversity and quality in each of our creations. For this reason, our variety of ranges and flavours is very extensive, from the Original Tonic Classic, a perfect complement to all combinations, with notes of orange and lemon that provides a slight citrus touch that makes it unique; also the Original Tonic Citrus, blue in colour like the sea breeze, with acid essences of lemon lime and Italian bergamot that gain ground over bitterness, integrating with grapefruit and bitter orange, and the Original Tonic Berries, soft and sweet with a flavour of raspberry, influenced by citrus notes and lavender from Provence and offering a final aftertaste of red fruits where the most intense emotions emerge.



We also have other incredible and surprising flavors, such as the Original Tonic Cherry, with a sweet and surprising aroma, which stands out for its touch of rose petals that reduces the caramel flavour and softens the bitterness, only suitable for the most demanding palates and which , to date, has not gone unnoticed by anyone. But everything does not end here, discover other varieties on our website such as the Original Mint, green in colour, the Original Açai, among others. You will love them!

Also, right now all our tonics have a 15% discount in our online store… Do you dare to try any? It’s time to take advantage, so… Start 2023 toasting! Also, you can follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss any of our news, we’ll be waiting for you there too!




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