Start 2024 toasting with The Original Tonic! Which is your favourite?

2024 is here! And with it, new beginnings, experiences and the opportunity to fulfill all the wishes and purposes you have set for this year. For this, and much more, at The Original Tonic we want to celebrate the arrival of this new year together!

We already told you in the previous post some of the tonics with which to say goodbye to the year so, as we know that this 2024 is full of numerous reasons to toast, from here, we propose some ideas to welcome the year and convert those toasts in even more special moments.

If you want to know some of our magic formulas… Keep reading until the end!


The Original Tonic, the best option to welcome the year!

In these cold months that accompany the arrival of the new year, gatherings at home with friends do not disappear and neither do toasts with a thousand reasons to celebrate. In this time of celebration and reflection, which tonic to choose?

What is clear is that with The Original Tonic you will surely be right since we are the brand with the greatest variety of flavours and colours on the market, being able to choose from an endless number of options for all types of palates! In addition, our premium tonic is, without a doubt, one of the favourites, thanks to our fine and persistent bubble, as well as the mix of aromas with which, without a doubt, you will perceive the quality of each of our varieties. We tell you more about them!



For the sweetest ones… Original Cherry Tonic!

Original Cherry is characterized by its sweet fragrance of red jelly beans softened by a subtle bitter touch. In addition, it is accompanied by a cherry flavour that makes the combination of sweetness, jelly beans, bitterness and fruit make it the perfect tonic for the most demanding palates.


For the most daring… Original Citrus Tonic!

For those who enjoy drinks that provide a fresh and revitalizing sensation. Original Tonic Citrus is marked by acidic essences of lemon lime and Italian bergamot, integrated with grapefruit and bitter orange, thus achieving a perfect balance between its citrus and bitter character.

But that’s not all, we also have this blue tonic in the Zero range, offering the opportunity to enjoy this premium tonic without sugar. Likewise, this is not the only one of our tonics that is sugar-free and, in addition, we have the tonics with the least sugar on the market.



For the most exotic… Original Tonic Yuzu!

This versatile and delicate tonic is based on the elegant and exotic flavours of the country of the rising sun. It is surrounded by hints of matcha tea and an aroma of Asian yuzu, relaxing the quinine.


Find them in our online store!

Remember that in our online store you can find these and all our varieties and choose the one that best suits your companions or evening. In addition, we also have the best spirits with which to prepare delicious mixed drinks or cocktails, as well as accessories for them or utensils to make them.

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