The best premium tonic… Our Original Classic!

At Original Tonic, we work every day to bring you the best delicious and easy cocktail recipes to prepare at home, enjoy a more intimate evening or simply surprise your friends. And, as you already know, we have tonics for all tastes, with all kinds of flavours and nuances that adapt to any palate. On many occasions we provide you with recipes for delicious cocktails to prepare at home, with which to surprise someone special or enjoy a wonderful evening, but do you know the bases of our product? We present you, in case there is someone who does not know it yet, the best premium tonic, our Original Classic!


In 2011 our Original Classic landed on the market, along with the Original Citrus, blue in colour and with a marked citrus flavour of lemon lime and Italian bergamot that are integrated with bitter orange, and the Original Berries, pink and with a sweet flavour, with a final aftertaste of red fruits, it brings out the emotions. We were clear that our mission was to make a difference. For this reason, we launch a unique, surprising and quality premium product, betting on innovation at all times. This is how we became pioneers introducing colour and flavour to the market.


Although today we share the market with other brands that offer products with flavours similar to ours, we are proud to know that we were the first to do so and, in fact, even today we are still the premium tonic brand with the most variety of flavours and colours. that exists.


But how do we make the flavour of the best premium tonic?                                                                                                                                         

Without a doubt, innovation is the order of the day in our offices, although we are aware that nobody can be able to innovate and surprise the public without a good quality base, and here Original Classic comes into play, our first creation and our more basic bet, but not for them less special. Now, what was really what differentiated us from the competition, if it is a classic tonic with many competitors in the market?


The difference, as you may have guessed, is in the taste. We make our Original Classic based on quinine extracts and natural sugar, which give it, in addition to delicious natural aromas used in the production of each of our drinks, an unmistakable flavour that differentiates us from the rest. In addition, the citrus notes of orange and lemon give it a citrus aftertaste that makes this tonic the perfect complement for the most exquisite palates and even those who are starting out among lovers of gin and tonic and tonic in general.


In addition to the taste, the high quality of our product is also a differential value. Without a doubt, the fine and persistent bubble in each of our premium tonics, achieved thanks to a high pressure bottling, differentiates us from the rest. Among the objectives of Original Tonic we have always given priority to being able to offer a gourmet product that would surprise the consumer from the first drink. Therefore, thanks to the detailed characteristics, our Classic marked a before and after in the world of premium tonics. And we also have it available in the Zero range, totally free of sugars!


But what is the best thing about our Original Classic?

Without a doubt, its flavour is so smooth and unique, that it can be enjoyed both alone and in combination. For lovers of the characteristic bitter, tonics, together with the orange and lemon notes that characterize ours, will become a perfect option to enjoy on their own, you don’t need more!

And, if you are more than enjoying both the preparation and the tasting of a good cocktail, Original Classic becomes an unparalleled option. In our blog you can find all kinds of exquisite combinations, suitable to surprise even the most refined of palates.

What do you think? Do you dare to try the creation that has made us popular in the premium tonics market? Surely yes! Remember that you can find both Original Classic and the rest of premium flavoured tonics in our online store and at authorized points of sale.


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