The premium gin and tonic with less sugar… How is it prepared?

The new trend towards choosing “healthy” productsIt’s here and it’s from Original Tonic! More and more people are looking to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives, even in their moments of leisure and entertainment. Therefore, today we bring the premium gin and tonic with less sugar for those who are looking for a change in their lives towards the trending topic “taking care of our body from the inside”.


But you might ask, why The Original Tonic? Well, because we are the premium tonic with the least sugar on the market and we have options for all tastes, so there is no excuse to get to work and enjoy yours without consuming extra calories.

Furthermore, always with the aim of satisfying the needs of all our customers, for years we have been committed to launching a Zero range, totally free of sugar with 3 of our most demanded references: Classic, Citrus and Berries, full of colour and flavour, but without any type of sugar, you will love it!




A premium gin and tonic without sugar… It’s possible!

For those who enjoy soft and light flavoursOur Original Berries Zero is ideal!

Soft and light with each sip, offering a final aftertaste of red fruits, where the most intense emotions emerge. The sweet taste of Original Berries, but with zero sugars.





For lovers of citrus notes, the Original Citrus Zero, without a doubt!

The marked citrus flavour of lemon lime and Italian bergamot gain ground over bitterness, integrating with grapefruit and bitter orange. Original Citrus Zero has a persistent citrus character.







And for those who love the known and classic…. Our Classic Original Zero!

With its classic original flavour and its emblematic nuances of orange and lemon that provide a light citrus touch that makes it unique. But, this time, with zero sugars!



 Do you dare to prepare your Premium Gin Tonic without sugar?

Enjoying Original Tonic is possible as a tonic alone as a soft drink but, without a doubt, we are the perfect brand to do it while enjoying a mixed drink or a good cocktail. Therefore, today we give the recipe for a premium sugar-free gin and tonic that will not leave anyone indifferent.

For its preparation we Will use:


  • 5cl London dry gin
  • Original Classic Zero
  • Lemon and juniper Berry twist

Once the ingredients are ready, let’s get into action!

Serve in a very cold balloon glass, with rock ice. Pour the gin. Add the Original Classic Zero Tonic, letting it slide over a spiral spoon so as not to break the bubble. Add juniper and flavour with lemon peel.


And for those who prefer their cocktail without alcohol…

  • 5cl of cucumber syruo and lime juice
  • Original Classic Zero
  • Dehydrated cucumber and raspberry

Serve the ingredients in a Highball glass with rock ice, then pour the Original Classic Zero Tonic slowly with a spiral spoon, in order to achieve the coloured effect. Decorate with dried cucumber and raspberry.


And ready! You would now have your Premium Gin Tonic without sugar to enjoy at any time of the day. There are no excuses for not taking care of yourself. For this reason, The Original Tonic Zero range was created for those who do not settle and want to go one step further, for those who want to make a moment of pleasure a fun and worry-free habit! Follow all our news on our Instagram profile, and don’t miss anything!


And you, are you one of us?





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