Tonic with no gin, is it possible?

It has already been a while since the gin and tonic has become a perfect combination for many, but what about those tonic lovers who do not like gin? What options can these palates have when it comes to enjoying the bitter taste and fine bubbles that contains a premium tonic such as The Original Tonic?

 Luckily, among our wide range of flavours we find premium tonic flavours that are perfect for every occasion. In fact, we like to emphasize that our products are ideal to combine with distillates but, of course, also to be able to enjoy them by consuming them alone as the perfect alternative to any type of soft drink. Isn’t it great to be able to enjoy a refreshing drink that gives you the option of being very low in sugars or, what is even better, that is totally liberated from them? The Original Tonic is the best choice!

Today we talk about some of our flavours, which you can enjoy alone, served in cold glasses accompanied by ice and, in addition, we give you two cocktail options with premium tonic without gin which, surely, you will love. If you like strong bets, the taste of our Original Tonic Mint will not fail to surprise you. Its strong menthol presence of entry, linked to the citrus and bitter notes of grapefruit, achieves an unusual combination of flavours that impregnates until the end, making it a refreshing and extraordinary option to enjoy summer awesomely. Something similar happens with Original Tonic Açai & Ginger, one of our novelties this season, where the combination of the exotic açai fruit and the freshness of ginger fuses with the sweetness of the wild blueberries, giving it an enveloping aroma and a subtle final taste.

 For the sweetest, we recommend our Original Tonic Cherry, where its aroma at the beginning and its subtle bitter stroke give way to a sweet fragrance of red wine gums. A touch of rose petals reduces the caramel flavour and softens the bitterness, making it a guaranteed bet to enjoy an authentic five senses experience.


Cocktails with no gin

Moreover, it should be noted that among our zero range we can find the Original Tonic Classic, the Citrus and the Berries, the healthiest option for summer nights.

So, what about those who really want to enjoy a drink accompanied by a spirit without resorting to gin? Is there tonic without gin? Of course, yes! Here we propose a very special cocktail that will leave you, for sure, the best taste in your mouth. To make it, we need vodka, melon liqueur, lemon juice, a dash of sugar syrup, egg white and Original Tonic Mint on top. As for the garnish, we can include leaves of peppermint and chocolate bitter. You won’t forget it!

On the other hand, if you are one of those who enjoy the experience of having a cocktail but prefer to do it without alcohol, we also have a proposal you will love! Take note because to make it, you will need: lemon juice, mandarin syrup, mandarin segments, orange juice and Original Tonic Yuzu on top. As garnish, we will put a tangerine and strawberry skewer, the perfect combination to beat the heat!

Finally, we recommend you to use a jigger in the preparation of the measurements to obtain the exact quantity and when mixing it in the shaker, use the shake method, the result will be perfect!



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