Welcome November! Shall we toast with our Original Yuzu?

The air becomes cooler, the days become shorter, and the leaves become a whirlwind of colour. Yes, indeed the arrival of November brings with it that welcoming spirit of autumn. That is why it is the perfect time to embrace the cold and not let it stop us from our most special plans, including toasting our Original Yuzu!


At this time of year, we usually organize different meetings or celebrations and many of us change the terrace for plans at home. These plans, so characteristic of autumn, become the protagonists of our agenda. And what better way to liven up these evenings than with an after-dinner meal with friends and laughter? We tell you what one of our favourite bets is for this time of year!


Immerse yourself in the charm of November with Original Yuzu!


If you get bored of common drinks and want to innovate, this is your tonic, our premium Asian-inspired tonic that, we assure you, will not leave anyone who tries it indifferent. The vibrant citrus perfume of Asian yuzu enhances quinine, accompanied by subtle nuances of matcha green tea. And this is how the Original Yuzu Tonic is inspired by the sophisticated and exotic flavours of Japan, it is the first premium Spanish tonic inspired by the Asian continent.



 A balanced and versatile tonic


Its fine and persistent bubbling, its distinctive aroma and its balanced flavour contribute to improving the experience and make it captivate all types of palates.

Plus, like all our premium tonics, it’s very versatile. You can drink it as a soft drink or use it for your favourite gin and tonic or cocktail. Likewise, if you are one of those very perfectionist people, the variety of colours and flavours of all our tonics means that you can choose a different one for each occasion, adapting them in the best way to the celebration. It is a high-quality drink that will turn your evening into a memorable day.


All this without forgetting that, at Original Tonic we have the premium tonics with the least sugar on the market and, in addition, we have a Zero range, with tonics that have the same flavour, but are completely sugar-free. Without a doubt, ideal for those who prefer to take care of themselves both inside and out.


Discover the most special recipe!


Original Yuzu is delicacy and versatility, rest assured that she will become the star of the evening. Here we leave you a recipe idea that you will surely get right. Discover our Perfect Save in just 3 steps…



To get the Perfect Save from Original Yuzu Ocha you only have to:

  1. Pour the gin into a very cold balloon glass, with rock ice
  2. Add the Original Yuzu Ocha delicately and with the help of an imperial spoon, sliding it gently so as not to break its fine bubble.
  3. Decorate with green apple balls and Kaffir lime leaves.


You dare? Prepare your drinks, your Original Yuzu, light some candles and… Immerse yourself fully in this new season!


Remember that you can choose from many other options such as the Original Açaí Ginger that we told you about in the previous blog post. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see your perfect save! We will wait for you!



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