Welcome September! Which of our flavoured tonics are you going to toast with?

Well now, it’s time to say goodbye to summer, and accept the return to the routine that, many times, is not so bad, right? Return to schedules, to work, to accept the arrival of autumn… At The Original Tonic we always find reasons to toast and the arrival of September is also a good reason to celebrate. For this reason, we want to know which of our flavoured tonics you are going to choose to continue making plans and celebrating life as it deserves…


In addition, we have such a wide variety of colours and flavours that we are the ideal option for any gathering with friends or loved ones, because we have as many options as there are personalities! For the sweetest, for the most daring, for the adventurous, for the most classic… Do you want to know more? Keep reading until the end and don’t miss any details!


Tonic flavours and colours… We have options for all tastes!



In our previous post we talked about our Zero range, our tonics completely free of sugar, because in addition to being the premium tonic with the least sugar on the market, something that, without a doubt, differentiates us from our competitors, we also have three varieties of flavours without a hint of them. Thus, our Original Classic, our Original Citrus and our Original Berries become a perfect bet for those who follow a healthier life.




But this is not all, since our product variety is one of the widest in the sector, where it should be noted that we were the first brand to introduce the variety of colour and flavour in the market. And this is how our Original Cherry, our Original Mint, our Original Açaí Ginger or our Original Yuzu, among others, have become a true revolution. Do you want to know them a little more? Read until the end!



Cherry, Mint, Citrus… Discover them all!



If something characterizes us, it is our firm commitment to innovation and the quality of our premium tonics. Our fine and persistent bubbles, present from the first to the last drink, make the difference.

And, of course, our great offer has made our flavours the preferred option for the most exquisite palates.




For example, our Original Cherry, red in colour, is a safe bet. Its initial aroma and subtle bitter trace give way to a sweet fragrance of red jelly beans where a touch of rose petals reduces the caramel flavour and softens the bitterness. Or our Original Mint, green in colour, whose menthol presence at the start, linked to citrus and bitter notes of grapefruit, make it super special and unforgettable. We also highlight the Original Citrus, with an intense blue colour, with marked acidic essences of lemon lime and Italian bergamot that gain ground in bitterness, integrating with grapefruit and bitter orange, allowing its citrus character to persist, one of our star products!



It doesn’t all end here, we have many more! Do you want to discover them all? Enter our online store and don’t miss them, nor our exclusive offers! Welcome September as it deserves.



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