Welcome summer! Refresh yourself with our sugar-free tonics, you will love them!

Now yes, summer is here… Oddly enough, almost seven months have passed since the beginning of 2023, how fast time flies! In this way, this means welcoming the most fun time of the year, summer, which brings us new adventures, endless days at the beach, parties and reunions with friends and family. Likewise, from Original Tonic, we also know that it is a season where we take special care of our body to show the best version of ourselves, show off our best attributes and stand out from the crowd on beaches around the world. For this reason, always thinking about your wishes, we have the best option for this season: our Zero range, sugar-free tonics with all the flavour and colour of the traditional Original Tonic.


The best sugar-free tonics: Our Zero range!


This innovative range was born in 2016 with the aim of offering a light version of some of our most acclaimed flavours. Thus, the perfect range for all those people who seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to give up the great pleasures of life, such as an extravagant cocktail, a good gin and tonic (which if you want to prepare at home you can take a look at the recipes we have in previous posts) or if you just fancy a simple sip of a quality tonic.


So, with our Zero range, it is possible to enjoy and take care of yourself at the same time, since all the tonics in it have the same characteristics in terms of quality, excellence and taste, as any other in the traditional range. In addition, it should be noted that at The Original Tonic we are the premium tonic with less sugar in the entire market, but the Zero range is completely free of them, although it continues to maintain all its colour, flavour and fine bubbles, surprising us with each sip we take and absorbing ourselves in an unprecedented gastronomic experience.


Do you want to know more about the best choice of tonics for this summer? Keep reading until the end to discover everything about our sugar-free tonics and their various flavours…


Three sugar-free tonics perfect to enjoy this summer


As many of you already know, this Zero range is made up of three of the most famous tonics in our catalog and praised by everyone, even the most refined palates: Original Classic, Original Berries and Original Citrus.


Through all our years of experience and experience, at Original Tonic, we have prepared ourselves to adapt our tonics to suit all tastes and make them ideal for any occasion, from an elegant dinner with the family to an experimental afternoon with friends. Thus, we have managed to implement our Zero range in these three original tonic flavours:



We start with a protagonist that can never be missing, the Original Classic Zero, with its characteristic natural flavour and its emblematic nuances of orange and lemon that provide a slight citrus flavour that makes it unique and special. It is undoubtedly the most reliable option that will never disappoint you because it always maintains its flavour and smooth texture. And now, much better, because it has no sugars.



Secondly, we have the Original Berries Zero, ideal for those palates who love sweetness and consistent but enriching flavours. It is a soft and light drink with each sip, which offers a final aftertaste of red fruits, where the most intense emotions emerge. In addition, we highlight its most striking feature: its beautiful pink colour, reminiscent of the awakening of flowers in spring.



And finally, we find the Original Citrus Zero, our favourite for summer, because its faint but striking blue colour reminds us of the sea breeze, the breaking of the waves and the depth of the sea. This tonic has a marked citrus flavour of lemon lime and Italian bergamot that gain ground over bitterness, integrating with grapefruit and bitter orange, generating an explosion of flavours in the mouth.


Without a doubt, three irresistible flavours of sugar-free tonics ideal for preparing the best gin and tonics adapted to meet our nutritional goals for this new 2023 season of sun, beach and sand.


So don’t think twice and enjoy this summer without any regrets with our Zero range! On the other hand, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to find out all the news and share your best moments in front of the beach with Original Tonic. We will wait for you!


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